Monday, January 17, 2011


Sunday, January 16, 2011 a historical day for me, check in to the Ipoh Specialist Hospital.

After nearly 3 weeks I was in pain due to swelling of my left hand and a mysterious reference to the hospital for x-ray is the best thing for me.

My conjecture and opinion of friends on fractures and bone or joint problem is right finger. Helping from friends with the expertise of traditional medicine have completed my problem. But after a little recovered, I kept in hospital for specialist examination. It is strange that the doctor is indeed an expert on bone injury is just my ex who has recovered, while if need treatment studies included at least two months to recover that even with the added iron.

His knowledge of the most extensive area and his servants are free to study and investigate. He gave me a test and a warning, and Allah is the cure. Alhamdulillah ..

I do not know where my pain came with the grace of God and heal my pain without the proper treatment. Perhaps the best for me now to be conscious of any act by which the wrath of my hand he gave up on this test ..

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